July 14, 2016

Announcement of Service Name and Domain Change

On July 11 2016, Wepage will have a change of service name and domain. 

OLD NAME: Wepage 
OLD DOMAIN: https://wepage.com 

NEW NAME: Wepage Site
NEW DOMAIN: https://site.wepage.com 


Due to this change, your URL will be changed below:  

OLD URL: http://wepage.com/*******/  
NEW URL: http://site.wepage.com/*******/   

******* means the character string for your site. 
Please note you can also access an old URL from July 11 to the end of September for a transition period.

For more information contact:   

Yoshiko Sawanobori at marketing-pr@imobile.co.jp or call (+81) 03-6743-7711.