June 15, 2015

New service!

iMobile has launched “Wepage,” a free website creation service.
Reach out to the world from Japan with our service, available in both Japanese and English.

Edit pages simultaneously with other users, create your own designs, and connect with the world.Easily connect to social media platforms from within the service!

On July 11 2016, Wepage will have a change of service name and domain.
OLD NAME: Wepage
OLD DOMAIN: https://wepage.com  

NEW NAME: Wepage Site
NEW DOMAIN: https://site.wepage.com

Mobile Inc. (headquarters: Kioicho Park Building 1st floor, 3-6 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094), which already provides website creation and management services for 10,000 small to medium size companies, has launched their first website creation service targeted towards regular consumers, “Wepage.” The service is being promoted both abroad and in Japan, and is expected to have 3 million users worldwide by the end of 2016.

[Background] Although social media use by both individuals and organizations continues to rise, the information uploaded is delivered piece by piece, lacking an overall sense of continuity. In America and other countries, there are limits to the ways one may express themselves using social networking services, which has led to an increased use of websites that allow individuals or companies to express themselves freely. According to a survey of 1,125 people carried out by iMobile Inc. in April of this year*, 60% of users are interested in website services that they would be able to run themselves. With this in mind, iMobile used their knowledge and understanding of website creation and management for small to medium size companies to create “Wepage,” a website creation service that allows users to design their websites freely and to share information, whether as individuals, as a group of users, or as an organization.

* “Opinion poll regarding websites and social media,” April 2015. Carried out online with 1,125 male and female participants.


1. Web creation platform that uses Cloud services. Automatically ensures websites are compatible with smartphones.

2. Websites can be built without any technical knowledge. Create and manage your website by editing a visual preview - the website will look exactly like what you see on your screen. Real time updates let you see who is editing, and which parts have changed, straightaway. Share IDs and passwords to simultaneously work on page updates without having to deal with any major CMS.

3. Users can invite others and edit simultaneously in groups, allowing information to be shared across the world. Privacy settings mean that you can share personal memories such as photos of children or wedding albums with your friends and family.

4. Unlike templates from traditional services, “Wepage” allows users to build their website freely by selecting the parts they want to include. Layout:10 patterns; menu: 55 designs, each with 12 color variations; header: 55 designs, each with 12 color variations; background: 104 patterns. There are also 60 different preset designs available.

5. The service can be accessed in either Japanese or English, allowing individual users to share their interests and activities with other users around the world.

iMobile is also planning to release social networking apps for smartphones, e.g. instant messaging apps, and will be expanding their paid content delivery services for small and medium size businesses.

For inquiries regarding this press release, please contact:
Ms. Nishiyama, Marketing and PR, iMobile Inc.
Email: info@wepage.com    Phone: 03-6743-7711 (switchboard)