Professional Support

An easy-to-use system that has at its core website operational support, too

Traditional phone support alongside selectable support from partner website creation enterprises and advertising agencies!

SmartPage doesn't just provide you with a platform for website creation and management. It also includes active support by website professionals. 

Alongside phone support (responses for inquiries about system usage) from our team, who boast industry experience with over 30,000 websites, we can also provide you production outsourcing and utilization advice from our partner website creation enterprises and advertising agencies.

We give you more than just a system: we give you security and peace of mind

System Features

Design View (WYSIWYG) Editing for Creation and Updates

Add, edit, and delete your website content with ease, even if you don't know how to program. Just click on the part of your website you want to edit on-screen, and you can change images, rewrite text, and add additional elements.

Simple and Direct On-Page Edits and Additions

Simple Image Addition from your Multimedia Library

Reposition Content using Drag-and-Drop

Automatic Smartphone Optimization

The number of people who access the Internet via smartphone is increasing every year. Normally, smart phone sites need to be made separately one-by-one... but with SmartPage's responsive design, smartphone pages are created automatically, so there's no need to create and manage them separately!

Match Size and Layout to Screen Dimensions

Tap-enabled Button Display

Enable Location Systems

Endlessly-Customizable Dynamic Design

Contrasted with the established philosophy of "one website means one design template," SmartPage was built on the concept of dynamic design. Change the color, layout, menus, and button images of the website you've created in an instant for an infinite number of combinations. Execute A/B Testing or website redesign with ease!

Layout, Color, Menu, and Button Combinations

Set Details Separately for Pages, Header, and Footers

Easy to Change Post-Production

Other Quality Features

Full Reporting

Understand who's coming to your site in a glace with graphs and minimal math. Check the movement patterns of visitors without difficulty on our easy-to-read screen.

Social Networking Capabilities

Set up a "social bar" on your website for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also add the Facebook Page Plugin or Twitter Widgets to promote and expand your website.

Image Editing Installed

No need for dedicated imaging software: adjust image size and brightness as well as add text and format images with frames and stamps.