Sep 9, 2015

iMobile raises $3.7 million from existing investors and employees led by strategic investor TKC, Corp: aims to grow its dominance of small business web marketing and websites in Japan with new features and expand worldwide via its SmartPage service for small businesses and new WePage, free peer to peer sharing websites for consumers.

Tokyo, Japan,  September 18, 2015: iMobile a leader in Small Business web marketing and websites in Japan announced that it had completed an investment round of $3.7 million from existing investors and employees.  The round was led by TKC Corp, which increased its ownership to better support its strategic goals.  TKC also marked its investment with the appointment of Yoshihisa Ito, a director of TKC, to replace currently serving director Chairman Masaharu Iizuka. 

Half the funds will be used to strengthen the product functionality and UI to support growth with small businesses and large corporations – its SmartPage brand website creation and management platform.  In addition iMobile will be making the APIs public to enhance inter-platform operability with content providers such as maps, calendars, agenda management, inventory controls.  The other half will be used to grow WePage, iMobile’s new consumer focused offering in Japan and overseas.  The expansion will start in the US and be followed by other English speaking countries in Asia; such as Singapore, the Philippines and India.  A US office will open before the end of 2015.

For more information contact:

 Hiroko Nishiyama at or call (+81) 03-6743-7711.